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PC Sales

recommend and resell Dell computers and monitors, Dell servers, HP/Epson Printers, Linksys, NetGear & D-Link communications products

We can advise on the best deals on Dell equipment and can arrange the order for you.   Desktop prices start at  ?00 including a 21" wide screen LCD display with laptops starting from ?00  - please call or email.

Kyrenia Limited recommend using Windows 7 Professional Edition and can advise on migration from older Windows operating systems including XP and Vista.

PC Setup / Support / Upgrades / Repairs / Advice
We can help with PC setups and upgrades and general PC problems and fault diagnosis.
Labour charges start at a reasonable ?0/hour + VAT with no call out charge within our local area.

Broadband / ADSL Networks
We can help with the installation of Broadband internet access for your business or home, and advise on which  broadband internet providers and price plans suit your needs best.   We have experience with Virgin Media cable broadband, and ADSL broadband systems such as BT Homehub, Sky and TalkTalk.

Wireless Networks
We have experience in setting up wireless networking to allow you to share Internet access between all your PCs throughout your home without having to drill holes or lay cables.  We can also improve reception and extend networks to 'dead' parts of your home.

Mobile Phone Solutions
We can also advise on the appropriate smart phone connectivity to allow you to see your email and the internet on the move.
We recommend both iPhone and blackberry mobile phones solutions.

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Software Packages and Windows Operating Systems
We can advise on virus scanners, firewalls, Windows (Windows 7, XP, Vista) set-up problems.   We can also help with the Office suite and Internet Explorer and Outlook Express problems

PC Peripherals
We will advise on the best multi-function, photo printers, scanners & network equipment  to buy and will install at a time convenient to you.
We will also give fixed prices quotes for standard jobs, such as hard drive upgrades and virus removal. 

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